Today’s smartphone population goes crazy with internet. Everyone who possess smartphone as their third hand also have internet as their brain powering it. From dawn to dusk, many of internet usage applications such as Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, hike etc., scores throughout the day. In such exquisiteness of smartphone, everyone should understand your smartphone’s mobile data usage. Before you are opting for internet mobile data of 2G, 3G, 4G here are some information that gives you the general mobile data usage and consumption of your smartphone irrespective of smartphone network and speed.

1. Video Stream Mobile Data Usage
The basic mobile data usage increases in consuming data when you play video. Especially, when you watch a YouTube video of 1 minute it consumes nearly 2MB. Therefore if you watch a 5 minute video your 10MB will get finished.

2. Mobile Data Usage of Audio Stream
Listening for an audio online also plays as important role in mobile data usage. Online audio channels consumes more data in smartphone compared to other audio streaming. If you hear audio for 10 minutes, it will finishes 20MB data in mobile internet usage.

3. Mobile Data Usage of Photos
Both uploading and downloading of photos consumes considerable amount of internet. Today Facebook and Whatsapp deals with sharing of various photos between friends and colleagues, but understand that uploading 10 photos of HD quality pictures could eat up 60MB of data in your internet plan. Therefore know this simple mobile data usage before you upload and download photos.

4. Maps Mobile Data Usage
Many of the people must be knowing about this general internet usage by maps. Google maps used for particular navigation purpose could consume drastic amount of MB’s in your internet usage plan. It is advisable to keep your GPS off when you are not in use of maps.

5. Web-Surfing Mobile Data Usage
This type of internet usage depends on the type of website you are viewing such that the website which are of more graphical data consumes lot of megabytes and that those which are of plain text type consumes lesser. Mobile data usage could be observed in such a way that viewing of 10 pages continually for 10 minute could consume about 50MB of data.

6. Social Media
These are the significant internet usage of most of the smartphone users. It has been observed that updating a status and chatting doesn’t consume more data, While sending and receiving photos, videos and voices could drastically consumes more data. It has been recommended to disable auto-download of media such as pictures and videos in your whatsapp and Facebook settings. Thus you can able to manage your smartphone mobile data usage economically.

7. Mobile Data Usage When Radio Streaming
You might be a regular listener of radio. But this online radio streaming is different from the radio that you uses everyday. Understand this mobile data usage that if you hear online radio streaming for 10 mins you may loose upto 18 MB of your mobile data.

8. Video Chat Mobile Data Usage
Video chat mobile data usage is quite unpredictable. It depends on the App that you use. The internet mobile data consumption varies such that it’s high for skype, moderate for hangouts and depends on other video chat apps. Video chat internet usage also depends on the resolution that your are using for your chat.

9. Online Gaming Mobile Data Usage
Your smartphone mobile data usage varies with the type of game you play online. Bigger Action games like Asphalt, Modern Combact and other high graphical games in your smartphone will eat 1 MB for every 1 Minute.

10. Youtube Uploads Mobile Data Usage
May be you are a pioneer in video shooting. But wait for a wifi to upload it to youtube. You could well understood your smartphone mobile data usage while doing youtube uploads. If you upload 6 videos that are 2 minutes in length, Your 1GB data plan is expired. !

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