Here is the best torrent to direct link converter that will let you to enjoy unlimited downloads at unlimited speed. My Fast File is one of the rising torrent to direct link converter website that supports you in cloud platform. Before getting benefited with this awesome torrent to direct link converter tool, you need to know these thinks about My Fast File. We present you the best review of this website for your use.

  1. You can enjoy high speed video streaming as well as super fast download from this website. The website works in ultimate manner to provide this facility to its users.
  2. The team is vigorously working on providing browser add-on feature, automatic subtitles and be available for more languages thus aims at making it as top among the torrent to direct link converter websites like zbigz, boxopus etc.
  3. This Torrent to direct link converter site has fair pricing available for premium users with 10 Euro month with 1000 GB transfer. The website also has torrent cache of 450TB which is remarkable.
  4. You can convert 10 torrent file at the same time and convert it to high stream or download using this My Fast File.
  5. Many torrent to direct link converter are prone to malware attacks, but this My Fast File protects your data as well as your IP from any malware attacks in the internet.
  6. My Fast File is completely cloud based. Thus you could never loss your data uploaded over here in this website.
  7. My Fast File works well in Mobile also. This is one of the outstanding behavior of any torrent to direct link converter which is currently available online.
  8. My Fast File has a dual facility such that you can stream your videos online as well as you can directly convert your torrent link and download using IDM.
  9. You can submit your torrent file directly to My Fast File. Being a good torrent to direct link converter, this website allows you to upload torrent file or enter your magnetic file link directly to their website.
  10. My Fast File is one of the safe and secure torrent to direct link converter you could reliably at its best for your necessity with no space limit.

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