Everyone are fond of USB device i.e. most of the devices uses USB port for communication and data transmission. Starting from the mouse that is the common USB device we use till the smartphone charger, everything uses USB port. Most of us may also don’t know the reason for slow transfer of data in their pen drive which is an ultimate USB device. Here is the simple analysis that could help you to understand the logic behind USB device.

Every USB device has USB ports associated with it. USB-Universal Serial Bus has many versions, but the most popular are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Many of us may not be aware of these versions while buying pen drive or chargers. Considering these specification while buying USB device could benefit more.

USB 2.0
USB device with USB 2.0 are comparatively slower than 3.0. These are half-duplex i.e. they can either send or receive at a time. These are less expensive and could be of 5 meters in length. The significant speed could be at the range of 480Mpbs.

USB 3.0
USB device with USB 3.0 port are 10 times faster than 2.0. Their speed ranges in several Giga byte per second. These are full duplex as they can send and receive data simultaneously. These USB devices are quite expensive than 2.0 USB devices. We could easily identify those by the length as those are only 3 meters maximum.

Care your USB device by choosing the best port available. Hence, you can enjoy the speed of transfer in your daily USB device pendrive and other communication devices.

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