iOS 8 vs iOS 9 is what everyone needs to know after the official announcement of iOS update in Apple devices. The below features are compared with previous iOS to the latest iOS revealed in this 2015.

  1. Battery Level Enhanced in iOS 9
    iOS 8 does not have any clear mode to save battery. The new iOS update has “low power mode” helps the iOS device to extend functionality for 3 more hours. Apple says iOS 9 devices are overall expected to give 1 hr more battery life than iOS 8 devices.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Battery
    iOS 8 – No Low Power Mode | iOS 9 – Extended battery life in low power
  2. Multitasking And App Switching
    iOS 9 provides multi tasking feature for iPad. The new iOS let you to enjoy slide over view and split view in your screen. Picture in picture can also be observed in this new iOS. You can able to view two apps side by side. iOS 9 vs iOS 8 has some added advantage that app switching can be viewed as stacked card.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Multi-Tasking
    iOS 8 – Not Available | iOS 9 – Available in iPad
  3. Apple Music
    Apple new iOS has Apple music. This is quite different from existing music in iOS 8 because of the streaming facility. The new Apple music sync your music library with Apple’s own internet song library and other radio stations present.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Music
    iOS 8 – Music Streaming Library is Not Available| iOS 9 – Apple Music with Streaming
  4. Apple News App for iOS 9
    Apple releases its official news app. The reader looks like flipboard. Apple news will have top news publishers across the world. Apple news is to be designed in rich magazine layout that is going to delight the Apple users with ultimate customization.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 App
    iOS 8 – No Apple Official New App | iOS 9 – Apple News App
  5. Monitoring and Control of Home Appliances
    Apple in its new iOS introduces the facility of monitoring and control of home appliances. This is called to be homekit support. Through homekit Apple devices could control security systems, carbon monoxide detectors etc.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Control
    iOS 8 – No Remote Monitoring | iOS 9 – Remote Control over Appliances
  6. Apple Pay
    Apple pay works only in iphone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The new iOS includes some more service providers to enhance transactions. iOS 8 vs iOS 9 in Apple pay is that you can add credit cards , debit cards , loyalty cards and other rewards cards to your wallet. It’s wallet in iOS 8 but passbook in iOS 9.
  7. New iOS Update Comes to Older Devices
    iOS update for iOS 8 lists only few models. But this new iOS update is announced to be available for all older models from iPhone 4s and above iPhone models and iPad 2 and above iPad models.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Upgrade
    iOS 9 – iPhone 4s and above models| iPad 2 and above models
  8. Storage
    For Apple users the iOS update proves to be a bit heavier. Over-the-Air (OTA) update of iOS 8 was 4.6 GB which lets Apple users to think for the free space in their iOS device. The latest iOS is rolled out in much reduced size of 1.3 GB.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Storage
    iOS 8 – 4.6 GB| iOS 9 – 1.3 GB
  9. Try Before Official Launch
    This is what usually windows does before releasing any new operating system. First time in the history of Apple, the smartphone giant lets its users to try the new iOS in their device before the official launch. iOS 9 will be available as iOS 9 beta in public beta version for iOS devices from this July.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 before Launch
    iOS 8 – Can’t try before Launch| iOS 9 – Can be tried before Launch
  10. Siri Got Advanced
    Siri is to be called “Proactive Siri”. Siri in this new iOS update will tell you and suggest you things that you are planning to do. For example if you don’t know the phone number of a person who is reaching you in your iphone, Siri will search your email and get it for you. Siri will also tell you the right time to start from the place where you are in. It estimates the traffic data in your location and tells you. Siri will also remind you the things which you tell siri to remind.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Siri
    iOS 8 – Normal Siri | iOS 9 – ProActive Siri

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