The Best android apps while reading this you might have thought about some of the best android applications that you may enjoy in playstore such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Candy crush etc., But this article deals with something you might have missed since you bought your best android mobile.

Drippler is one of the most interesting best android application which deals with your mobile model, network that you use and even the version of android which exits in your best android phone. This recommends you some of the issues that you may face in your best android mobile and also provides back the best remedy that you could make. Drippler also recommends you some of best android apps that you could love to use for your recommended mobile model.

Aviate Launcher
When you bought your best android phone at first you may be exited to use and enjoy the provided interface of the brand whether it’s Sony or Samsung or LG or htc, but at times you might felt boring and start downloading launchers such as Go launcher, Kitkat launcher, Apex launcher, and Nova launcher. In play store you might have noticed Aviate Launcher which I could recommend you as one of the best android launchers ever made. Its interface could drive you far better that kitkat or iOS for non kitkat and iOS users.

Player Pro
Your best android phone may contain default music player as Google play and you might have downloaded some of the best android music player that play store have listed but all those could let you access the music as albums, artists and so on but rarely allows you to access and list folder wise view and play option from your external SD card. There may be best android other players which could let your access to folder view but not full access. For example, if you have organized your songs as melodies, rocks, and folk like that in SD card, it shows you the listed view as such for you to play.

My Sword Bible
This is the best religious app that I have ever seen. This is especially for Christian devotee who use bible for their maximum extent. There may be several English bible available but this my sword stood something special as it provides you with almost 8 and more bible versions with maximum commentary for a single verse. This really helps the devotee to enjoy the intense knowledge of bible through this best android installed.

In those hectic days you may forget some of the important tasks to be done. In order to remember those there may be many best android applications recommended by play store, but this any-to-do app wins the race by providing you the better solution for dealing your frenetic day. It remembers you to even call the calls that you might have missed and also while receiving a missed call you might have thought of calling them after an hour or more. This best android app also provides you this option. This also let you to erase your tasks by just shaking your best android mobile when you have completed your task.

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