Today we all have our latest Smartphone, no matter its android or iphone we are fond of selfie. There are lots and lots of best photo editor in app stores, though we have our best camera we run behind in search of best camera app yet we don’t satisfy easily. Here we suggest you some of the best photo editor for android as well as the best photo editor for iphone.

  1. Photogrid
    This is one of the best photo editing apps for meme-makers and collage edits. lucid interface, perfect text blending and easy to share your contents through all the social platforms at our will.
  2. Fotorus
    Ever wanted your pic to be like a front cover picture of forbes magazine? then this is the perfect photo editor for all. Stunning layout and essential details like location and time is detected automatically and sure this make makes yourself the next big-fish.
  3. Camera360
    Can you Lose your weight in 10 seconds? Impossible right?? But this app transform you within seconds and it’s the best camera app with great filters that enrich and enhance photos with great versatility.
  4. Pixlr
    Be it the collage , basic editing or vintage stuffs or layout photo editing this is the killer app that almost gives the users the basic necessity of photo editing skill.
  5. Moment Cam
    Just create all your emotions into an emoji. This best photo editing app transforms all your reactions into cartoon effect. And sure this app is fun filled and brings you smile.
  6. Hydra- Amazing Photography
    Rescale 8 Mp to 32 mp. Snap photos with HDR MODE and merge all the 32 frames into a single frame. Hard to differentiate the pictures its taken from a 8Mp camera. But this one of the best photo editor exist only for iphone.
  7. Filmic Pro
    The best Camera app of the year for several years. Target focus pulls , variable speed zoom , sync audio frame rates are the features that make this app jaw-dropping among photo editors.
  8. Aviary
    A well known app with stunning filters and a smooth interface makes this app user friendly among all sections of the people. This gives the midas touch and cool strokes to your clicks.
  9. Instagram
    If u want your photos to be recognized by your friends then this is the best camera app for you photos inbuilt with instagram and millions of downloads make this app an universal must have app for all.
  10. Snapseed
    A break through app in the world of photo-editing highly regarded as the mother of photo editors for scenic photography. This is the top among the best photo editor for android as well as the best photo editor for iphone. Produced by the internet giant The Google inc this tops the photo editing ranks across the global users.

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