Apple iPhone! IPhone 3g, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,5S and 5C. These tech gadgets are the most fascinated beauty of technology which rules the today’s world. ‘Apple’ has great impact in the world starting from Adam’s ‘Apple’, Newton’s ‘Apple’ now it is Steve’s ‘Apple’ that has created waves in the lives of people. The phone having Apple logo itself creates social value among people.
Apple Inc. founded in 1976 with almost 80000 employees at present holds several billion shares in the world. The most incredible revenue and share rises after introducing iPhone in the year 2007. Not every tech gadgets that are launched in the world have become successful but the Apple iPhone have marked the history of not only being successful but also influenced the people lifestyle.
This Apple iPhone which emerges as unique and lovable to all has several factors that adds essence.

Apple iPhone Hardware
Apple Inc. has its own hardware manufacturing unit. Its processor range of Apple A4, A5 chip does exclusive operation without lagging like any other smartphones. This feature attracts consumers to opt Apple iPhone to operate without any struck or hang problems even when they run multiple apps at the same time. Apple iPhone’s unique design of having only one button at the bottom make it delightful among the consumers. Every button either its volume or power makes it distinctive as they cannot match any other smartphone products. Even Sony smartphones have started incorporating those style in their xperia products.

Apple iPhone Software
Apple iPhone’s ultimate success lies in its usage of its own manufactured software called iOS. Starting from iOS1 to iOS7 Apple has its unique GUI that makes the phone smoother. Such smooth experience cannot be observed in any other devices. This typically attracts the consumers to operate the Apple iPhone with its updated versions. The competitor android lags in this software base as the android manufacturer Google distributes its android to several smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Htc, LG, and Micromax. These manufacturer doesn’t provide the pure android, they add their own software layer to android. Thus Apple iPhone which runs in its own iOS takes over android in its credibility.

Apple iPhone Applications
Apple iPhone’s added advantage is its own App store. Even though android’s play store and window’s app store have numerous applications. It was still Apple’s App store which is known to be the largest app market. Apple’s app store has many dedicated developers whose apps are scanned for malicious things before they get released into the stores. This makes the store free of malware and ensures security. Most of the developer’s first option is to develop their app in iOS platform then only they release it on android and windows.

These dedicated features of Apple makes the Apple iPhone special, unique and most desirable product among people.

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