Your PC Shutdown often…!!!
First understand the reason behind the automatic PC Shutdown
This PC shutdown may be due to corrupt OS (or) Software conflict (or) Hardware repair
When it is due to OS corrupt or Operating system file missing, The best way is to re-install the OS. Even if it is due to other software conflicts, you cannot bother your mind thinking about the software issues as it is quite filthy. So ultimately the next remedy is to re-install the OS.
But the most probable reason is due to hardware. So, when you encounter hardware repair don’t panic that you might suffer a huge pay for hardware.
It’s quite simple to rectify the hardware repair.
All you must do is to “Clean the dirt or dust”. Just follow the simple steps to rectify this very pc restart problem.

  • Open the CPU case.
  • Find whether your CPU is covered with dust.
  • Get a compressed air dryer and blow to clean the dust particles.
  • Especially clean the dust near the cables connecting hard disk and the processor respectively.
  • Clean all the fans also, so that a clear fan could let all the generated heat outside which won’t affect the CPU performance.

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