Does your laptop overheat? Are you worrying of why this happens? Surfing how to deal with this?
Here is the technique which could help you!
When you think more about any issue you may feel that you head gets heated-up right!! The same your laptop also behave if it process more. While buying your laptop, you might have come across the specification of processor. You may opt for i3 which is an entry-level processor in Intel and i5 which is main stream and i7 as high-end. May people think that higher is the processor, higher will your laptop gets heated? This may be as per their view but every processor designed are optimised to work with specifically designed hardware so you need not to bother about those stuffs.

Then why your laptop overheats although it is specifically designed? This is nothing about when you start doing multiple tasks with your laptop obviously laptop heats. This cannot be prevented but this can be minimised. Yes, your laptop overheat can be minimised by simple techniques.

Windows7 or Windows 8 whatever operating system you are in, you can follow these simple steps to get set apart from you laptop overheat.
Open the control panel and go to power options, here is where you can enable control over power consumption for your laptop.

  • In this power option you may found two settings one is Balanced and other one is Power-saver.
  • Whatever may be your current plan just go into it and choose Change advanced power settings.
  • In a pop-up box you may find numerous advanced settings, in that choose Processor power management, There are three options as Minimum processor state, System cooling policy, Maximum processor state.
  • You choose Maximum processor state – Plugged in to 95%. This considerable decrease of 5% could decrease the laptop overheat by 10 to 20 degree Celsius. There may be any drastic performance dip in the processor as it works quite well as before.

Here you have done! Now you have minimised your laptop overheat! Even after doing this if your laptop overheat, You can well consider replacement of your battery or any other hardware issue.

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