From kindergarten we are aware that for survival, we need primary things namely, food (including water and air), shelter and clothing. But the scenario has changed now. Adding one more to this list is “search engine” which is used by all to search in Internet. Search engine is one of the fabulous concept in internet which directs us to the results in which we are actually interested. It helps retrieve information or search option at ease.

Here are the list of top 10 best search engines in the internet world some are those that you may not be aware of.

    Aol. is one of the top 10 best search engines whose search results are powered by Google. When the parent has more features then why use the child? This question would be prompted in every individuals mind. But the case is different. Aol. search is among the best search engines that offers a home page which is bare and uncluttered. The most applauded feature is the ease of use that they have incorporated in their search applications.
    Yandex is the largest and one among the best search engines in Russia. Yandex’s mission is to provide answers to any questions users have or think about. This is one of the best search engines targets both explicit and implicit questions to be answered. Mostly Russian best search engines are built exclusively for Russian content but Yandex search engine has the special feature to search global contents and Russian specific contents. This best search engine encourages questions/ queries in natural languages. If you are a person who uses natural language in query, then try Yandex!
    As the name suggests, dogpile search engine, fetches data/ results from other best search engines. Dogpile search engine is powered by Metasearch Technology retrieves results from the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, This search engine uses the data and then rank with the simple search built with extraordinary thought!
    Mahalo is the only one best search engine which is “Human powered”. This is one of the best search engines that has employed a committee to draft contents. This says, that most of the search results you will get at Google or Bing and fewer from Mahalo. But you can be ensured, that the search results from Mahalo have a good quality as the content is reliable and relevant. Try, Mahalo, one among the top and best search engines and it would kindle in you a desire to become an editor!
    This best search engine provides authoritative and trustworthy information. This is one of the most dependable question and answer website. This is one of the popular and best search engines beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are a person with questions, give this search engine a definite shot! This will be your right choice for you in this best search engines list.
    Clean and best search engine and looks similar to Google. Ad spams are less compared to Google search engine. It hosts a feature called “Zero-click”. This helps to find all your answers on the first page. is one of the best search engines that helps to provide a clarification on the question you actually want to find an answer for. Unlike the most popular search engines, does not track your search history and thus your privacy is built. Give a try to this amazing search engine!
  7. search engine has a clean interface and it is equivalently good as Google or Bing. It groups results and this feature makes search engine unique. It gives an interface that is more user friendly and the interface is multiple times good compared to other best search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Try it yourself and you will know the difference!
  8. – Best Search Engines Competitor
    Yahoo is one among the top and best search engines which claims that “it attracts more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages”. This search engine helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Yahoo provides many web services. It was a Giant of search engines when it was launched. Google has out stood Yahoo’s performances. Yahoo is now powered by Bing, which is owned by “Microsoft”. Though the rankings at Yahoo is the same as in Bing, yet Yahoo continues to retain its own brand “Yahoo”. Experiment and then speak out your experience by comparing this with other best search engines!
  9. – Popular Among Best Search Engines
    Google search engine’s vital competitor is search engine. Advertised predominantly as “Decision engine” Bing is trying to dethrone Google from its top position. Though it is not possible, yet it is the second most popular and best search engines in the world. Microsoft is untiringly trying to lift the position of its search engine become NO. 1. This best search engine offers suggestions relevant to your search on the left column and on the top of the screen. This option is a welcomed by many users. Try for yourself and then rate it among the best search engines!
  10. – Top Among The Best Search Engines
    Marching with the mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google search engine is ruling the internet world. It has taken the synonym for search engine. With its pleasant interface, Google provides the option to find out more. Google search engine tracks your search pattern and thus serves different results based on your search history. If you are logged in, Google encrypts your search. This prevents third-parties from snooping. Google monopolizes search engine rank list in Internet search. Statistics says that Google search engine has 1,100,000,000-Estimated unique Monthly Visitors. One stop shop for all your needs!

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