10 Difference in Features About 9 vs iOS 8 : You Must To Know !!

iOS 8 vs iOS 9 is what everyone needs to know after the official announcement of iOS update in Apple devices. The below features are compared with previous iOS to the latest iOS revealed in this 2015. Battery Level Enhanced in iOS 9iOS 8 does not have any clear mode to save battery. The new […]

Do You Know About Your USB Device Are Different??

Everyone are fond of USB device i.e. most of the devices uses USB port for communication and data transmission. Starting from the mouse that is the common USB device we use till the smartphone charger, everything uses USB port. Most of us may also don’t know the reason for slow transfer of data in their […]

Use My Fast File As The Best Torrent To Direct Link Converter

Here is the best torrent to direct link converter that will let you to enjoy unlimited downloads at unlimited speed. My Fast File is one of the rising torrent to direct link converter website that supports you in cloud platform. Before getting benefited with this awesome torrent to direct link converter tool, you need to […]

This is 10 Mobile Data Usage of Smartphones Every User Must Know

Today’s smartphone population goes crazy with internet. Everyone who possess smartphone as their third hand also have internet as their brain powering it. From dawn to dusk, many of internet usage applications such as Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, hike etc., scores throughout the day. In such exquisiteness of smartphone, everyone should understand your smartphone’s mobile data […]