These 10 Ways Online Earning Methods

If you have question in your mind like “how to earn money online ?” or ” how to make money online?”. Then Its time for you to know about the online earning methods. Here are the list of online earning methods through which you can choose your best to make money online.

  1. Design Poster / Banner / Theme
    UX designers deserve highest pay in top design companies. If you can’t be to that level, then you can find your own online earning methods in designing. If you know any designers tool then you are going to make money online. If you know photoshop just go on designing a banner or logo or poster with your creativity. If you can’t find your top mentors then go with local mentors. Many local organization maybe in need of a banner or poster. Just post your banners and creative design in their official pages. They may invite you to work for them online. Many online websites buy well designed logo, banners , posters and themes. Just post yours in those websites and start earning online. You can also design your own theme for self hosted sites like WordPress and post it in websites like themeforest where your theme goes online to make money for you. If you fix $50 dollors and If 1000 purchases were made for your design, imagine how much could you earn.!
  2. Sell Website / Domain / Server
    If you are smarter enough to be successful with online earning methods, then you will have this idea of selling a domain or website or server. There are domains available for premium price. Those domains will have huge demand. Just like auction buy those highly demanded domains and sell it for a profit. Similarly server, if you are technical enough to handle servers, you can buy a high configuration server and sell it by splitting to your service providers. For example if i buy a 100 GB capacity server for 50k Rupees. I can sell each 10 GB for 10k. Similary you can sell a website means to a template for any self hosted website needy people. This is actually what godaddy and bigrock like companies do.
  3. Sell Photos Online
    It’s not only for a professional photographer, today whoever has smartphone with ultimate camera quality can start earning with this online earning method. If you are crazy enough to click quality photos, then just do some touch up with photo editing apps and publish your photo online with your bookmark. There are number of websites and companies that could pay you for your photos. If you are ready to nominate your photos in those websites, you maybe selected and will be paid a huge sum.
  4. Make YouTube Videos
    Can you make interesting videos with your smartphone? No need to make a well edited movie or a short film. Even if you can make something more interesting and useful videos out of your camera or smartphone, then YouTube is ready to pay you counting every single views. This is one of the optimized online earning methods available for video lovers. Today lots of video editing apps available in playstore and AppStore that could apparently help you to edit a decent video. If your video goes viral with trending views, then your channel could fetch you more for your pocket.
  5. Write Articles for Blogs / Guest Blogging
    Don’t you have a blog or website.? Don’t worry, this awesome online earning methods exist for you. If you have your talent of writing about anything of your interest, just change your interest into money online. Find websites that matches your interest. Find whether they offer guest blogging. If so, then come on. It’s your turn. Write something more interesting with rich stuff inside for that blog and get paid. We too offer guest blogging in our website. You can write any articles categorized as top 10 with legitimate listing.
  6. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online earning methods for you. Many affiliate programs are available in top Ecommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon , eBay etc. If you have a blog and not yet approved by adsense, You need not to worry. You can go with affiliate marketing. All you have to do is to sign up the affiliate program in their site and get the ad code. Simply paste those ad codes in your blog. Consider I’m a visitor of your blog. I can see your affiliated ad displaying in your page ( Say iPhone ad ). If I click on the iPhone ad and purchases iPhone in your affiliated Ecommerce website, you will get some percentage of the actual price of iPhone ( say 30%). Now you have earned through this affiliate program. Similarly you can give your ad code to your friends blog or your Facebook page or any social media page you have.
  7. Sell Products on Ecommerce Websites
    When you own a shop, then it’s time for you to go online. Before internet and Ecommerce websites, people don’t find any online earning methods. But now you have more than enough online earning methods that your product could earn for you. We have our list of top 10 Ecommerce websites in India. These Ecommerce websites have more than a lakh visitors per day which means Lakh people see that online shop daily. One of the prettiest thing is that most of the Ecommerce websites welcome sellers. You can sell your product under your selected category in those Ecommerce websites. When people click to buy your product, you just want to deliver the products to that Ecommerce company employee where he will reach out to customer. You can simply earn money online.
  8. Make Money Online through Online Tutorials
    This Internet world could fetch you much more quality tutorials that you need in any field. The tutorials present online can teach you more clearly than your university does. Yes! Online tutorials have become a rising online earning methods. When you search for a topic like ‘how to make money online’, you could find number of online earning methods. In fact what this article does for you is also one of the online tutorial. You can start making money online by teaching online in tutorials either by means of writing or recording through video.
  9. Blogging
    Blogging is one of the beautiful online earning methods available for you. Like singing, dancing and acting, blogging is also one of the passion come profession only for those who has this as passion. When you have something in your mind to speak to this world you can find number of social media sites to express. But this blogging is one of the effective way to present yourself and your thoughts to the world. When you have a question in your mind as how to earn using blogs,? You could find number of online earning methods through blog. A good blogger’s average income is more than two person’s income of a IT company. If the blogger got promoted from being a good blogger to great blogger, then he might be a millionaire. To become a successful blogger all you need to have is a blog or self hosted site. Google offers you free blogging facility with your own gmail I’d. Make use of it and start your own blog now. Once you are into this, you will find many online earning methods with your blog. You can make money online with your blog through advertisement. Google is the top adsense provider however lots of best adsense are available other than google. You can start earning online through any of these.
  10. Stock market / Share market
    Stock market with plenty of shares and prices is one of the top online earning methods. World’s richest man warren buffet gives his open statement behind his success through share market. You can make money online through stock market only if you are learned enough to handle shares. Anyone can make money online through this shares. All you need is the deep knowledge and analysis about the market and Internet in your computer or smartphone. There are plenty of websites available online to teach you this online earning methods. More television programs too worth tutoring about this online earning methods. Make use of these and be smarter enough to invest with positive mindset.

10 Difference in Features About 9 vs iOS 8 : You Must To Know !!

iOS 8 vs iOS 9 is what everyone needs to know after the official announcement of iOS update in Apple devices. The below features are compared with previous iOS to the latest iOS revealed in this 2015.

  1. Battery Level Enhanced in iOS 9
    iOS 8 does not have any clear mode to save battery. The new iOS update has “low power mode” helps the iOS device to extend functionality for 3 more hours. Apple says iOS 9 devices are overall expected to give 1 hr more battery life than iOS 8 devices.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Battery
    iOS 8 – No Low Power Mode | iOS 9 – Extended battery life in low power
  2. Multitasking And App Switching
    iOS 9 provides multi tasking feature for iPad. The new iOS let you to enjoy slide over view and split view in your screen. Picture in picture can also be observed in this new iOS. You can able to view two apps side by side. iOS 9 vs iOS 8 has some added advantage that app switching can be viewed as stacked card.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Multi-Tasking
    iOS 8 – Not Available | iOS 9 – Available in iPad
  3. Apple Music
    Apple new iOS has Apple music. This is quite different from existing music in iOS 8 because of the streaming facility. The new Apple music sync your music library with Apple’s own internet song library and other radio stations present.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Music
    iOS 8 – Music Streaming Library is Not Available| iOS 9 – Apple Music with Streaming
  4. Apple News App for iOS 9
    Apple releases its official news app. The reader looks like flipboard. Apple news will have top news publishers across the world. Apple news is to be designed in rich magazine layout that is going to delight the Apple users with ultimate customization.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 App
    iOS 8 – No Apple Official New App | iOS 9 – Apple News App
  5. Monitoring and Control of Home Appliances
    Apple in its new iOS introduces the facility of monitoring and control of home appliances. This is called to be homekit support. Through homekit Apple devices could control security systems, carbon monoxide detectors etc.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Control
    iOS 8 – No Remote Monitoring | iOS 9 – Remote Control over Appliances
  6. Apple Pay
    Apple pay works only in iphone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The new iOS includes some more service providers to enhance transactions. iOS 8 vs iOS 9 in Apple pay is that you can add credit cards , debit cards , loyalty cards and other rewards cards to your wallet. It’s wallet in iOS 8 but passbook in iOS 9.
  7. New iOS Update Comes to Older Devices
    iOS update for iOS 8 lists only few models. But this new iOS update is announced to be available for all older models from iPhone 4s and above iPhone models and iPad 2 and above iPad models.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Upgrade
    iOS 9 – iPhone 4s and above models| iPad 2 and above models
  8. Storage
    For Apple users the iOS update proves to be a bit heavier. Over-the-Air (OTA) update of iOS 8 was 4.6 GB which lets Apple users to think for the free space in their iOS device. The latest iOS is rolled out in much reduced size of 1.3 GB.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 in Storage
    iOS 8 – 4.6 GB| iOS 9 – 1.3 GB
  9. Try Before Official Launch
    This is what usually windows does before releasing any new operating system. First time in the history of Apple, the smartphone giant lets its users to try the new iOS in their device before the official launch. iOS 9 will be available as iOS 9 beta in public beta version for iOS devices from this July.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 before Launch
    iOS 8 – Can’t try before Launch| iOS 9 – Can be tried before Launch
  10. Siri Got Advanced
    Siri is to be called “Proactive Siri”. Siri in this new iOS update will tell you and suggest you things that you are planning to do. For example if you don’t know the phone number of a person who is reaching you in your iphone, Siri will search your email and get it for you. Siri will also tell you the right time to start from the place where you are in. It estimates the traffic data in your location and tells you. Siri will also remind you the things which you tell siri to remind.
    iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Siri
    iOS 8 – Normal Siri | iOS 9 – ProActive Siri

Do You Know About Your USB Device Are Different??

Everyone are fond of USB device i.e. most of the devices uses USB port for communication and data transmission. Starting from the mouse that is the common USB device we use till the smartphone charger, everything uses USB port. Most of us may also don’t know the reason for slow transfer of data in their pen drive which is an ultimate USB device. Here is the simple analysis that could help you to understand the logic behind USB device.

Every USB device has USB ports associated with it. USB-Universal Serial Bus has many versions, but the most popular are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Many of us may not be aware of these versions while buying pen drive or chargers. Considering these specification while buying USB device could benefit more.

USB 2.0
USB device with USB 2.0 are comparatively slower than 3.0. These are half-duplex i.e. they can either send or receive at a time. These are less expensive and could be of 5 meters in length. The significant speed could be at the range of 480Mpbs.

USB 3.0
USB device with USB 3.0 port are 10 times faster than 2.0. Their speed ranges in several Giga byte per second. These are full duplex as they can send and receive data simultaneously. These USB devices are quite expensive than 2.0 USB devices. We could easily identify those by the length as those are only 3 meters maximum.

Care your USB device by choosing the best port available. Hence, you can enjoy the speed of transfer in your daily USB device pendrive and other communication devices.

Use My Fast File As The Best Torrent To Direct Link Converter

Here is the best torrent to direct link converter that will let you to enjoy unlimited downloads at unlimited speed. My Fast File is one of the rising torrent to direct link converter website that supports you in cloud platform. Before getting benefited with this awesome torrent to direct link converter tool, you need to know these thinks about My Fast File. We present you the best review of this website for your use.

  1. You can enjoy high speed video streaming as well as super fast download from this website. The website works in ultimate manner to provide this facility to its users.
  2. The team is vigorously working on providing browser add-on feature, automatic subtitles and be available for more languages thus aims at making it as top among the torrent to direct link converter websites like zbigz, boxopus etc.
  3. This Torrent to direct link converter site has fair pricing available for premium users with 10 Euro month with 1000 GB transfer. The website also has torrent cache of 450TB which is remarkable.
  4. You can convert 10 torrent file at the same time and convert it to high stream or download using this My Fast File.
  5. Many torrent to direct link converter are prone to malware attacks, but this My Fast File protects your data as well as your IP from any malware attacks in the internet.
  6. My Fast File is completely cloud based. Thus you could never loss your data uploaded over here in this website.
  7. My Fast File works well in Mobile also. This is one of the outstanding behavior of any torrent to direct link converter which is currently available online.
  8. My Fast File has a dual facility such that you can stream your videos online as well as you can directly convert your torrent link and download using IDM.
  9. You can submit your torrent file directly to My Fast File. Being a good torrent to direct link converter, this website allows you to upload torrent file or enter your magnetic file link directly to their website.
  10. My Fast File is one of the safe and secure torrent to direct link converter you could reliably at its best for your necessity with no space limit.

This is 10 Mobile Data Usage of Smartphones Every User Must Know

Today’s smartphone population goes crazy with internet. Everyone who possess smartphone as their third hand also have internet as their brain powering it. From dawn to dusk, many of internet usage applications such as Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, hike etc., scores throughout the day. In such exquisiteness of smartphone, everyone should understand your smartphone’s mobile data usage. Before you are opting for internet mobile data of 2G, 3G, 4G here are some information that gives you the general mobile data usage and consumption of your smartphone irrespective of smartphone network and speed.

1. Video Stream Mobile Data Usage
The basic mobile data usage increases in consuming data when you play video. Especially, when you watch a YouTube video of 1 minute it consumes nearly 2MB. Therefore if you watch a 5 minute video your 10MB will get finished.

2. Mobile Data Usage of Audio Stream
Listening for an audio online also plays as important role in mobile data usage. Online audio channels consumes more data in smartphone compared to other audio streaming. If you hear audio for 10 minutes, it will finishes 20MB data in mobile internet usage.

3. Mobile Data Usage of Photos
Both uploading and downloading of photos consumes considerable amount of internet. Today Facebook and Whatsapp deals with sharing of various photos between friends and colleagues, but understand that uploading 10 photos of HD quality pictures could eat up 60MB of data in your internet plan. Therefore know this simple mobile data usage before you upload and download photos.

4. Maps Mobile Data Usage
Many of the people must be knowing about this general internet usage by maps. Google maps used for particular navigation purpose could consume drastic amount of MB’s in your internet usage plan. It is advisable to keep your GPS off when you are not in use of maps.

5. Web-Surfing Mobile Data Usage
This type of internet usage depends on the type of website you are viewing such that the website which are of more graphical data consumes lot of megabytes and that those which are of plain text type consumes lesser. Mobile data usage could be observed in such a way that viewing of 10 pages continually for 10 minute could consume about 50MB of data.

6. Social Media
These are the significant internet usage of most of the smartphone users. It has been observed that updating a status and chatting doesn’t consume more data, While sending and receiving photos, videos and voices could drastically consumes more data. It has been recommended to disable auto-download of media such as pictures and videos in your whatsapp and Facebook settings. Thus you can able to manage your smartphone mobile data usage economically.

7. Mobile Data Usage When Radio Streaming
You might be a regular listener of radio. But this online radio streaming is different from the radio that you uses everyday. Understand this mobile data usage that if you hear online radio streaming for 10 mins you may loose upto 18 MB of your mobile data.

8. Video Chat Mobile Data Usage
Video chat mobile data usage is quite unpredictable. It depends on the App that you use. The internet mobile data consumption varies such that it’s high for skype, moderate for hangouts and depends on other video chat apps. Video chat internet usage also depends on the resolution that your are using for your chat.

9. Online Gaming Mobile Data Usage
Your smartphone mobile data usage varies with the type of game you play online. Bigger Action games like Asphalt, Modern Combact and other high graphical games in your smartphone will eat 1 MB for every 1 Minute.

10. Youtube Uploads Mobile Data Usage
May be you are a pioneer in video shooting. But wait for a wifi to upload it to youtube. You could well understood your smartphone mobile data usage while doing youtube uploads. If you upload 6 videos that are 2 minutes in length, Your 1GB data plan is expired. !